AR 2497 - Tamás Bognár, Nagykanizsa
AR 2497 – Tamás Bognár, Nagykanizsa

Also known as: AR 2497
Date/time: 2016.02.09 . UT 06:50-07:30
Equipment: 150/2250 Newton + Baader Solar Filter ND5 + 70/700 mod Coronado PST
Seeing: 5-8/10
Transparency: 2-4/5
Temperature: ~ 12°C
Humidity: –
Wind: –
Location: Canis Maior Solar Observatory,
Nagykanizsa , Hungary N46° 27′ 13.81″  E16° 59′ 05.57″
Observer: Bognár Tamás

The sketch was made of white light. I used the details Halfa telescope. The telescope was a modified Coronado PST. The etalon filter(tuner) pedaled end position. Then the image was like a white light, but it was finer and more detailed. I made out the finer details of this help.