Fra Mauro - Bognár Tamás, Zákány
Fra Mauro – Bognár Tamás, Zákány

Also known as: Fra Mauro
Date/time: 2010.05.22.
Equipment: 76/900 Newtonian
Magnification and filter(s): 118x
Seeing: 6/10 Transparency: 3/5
Humidity: low
Wind: low
Location: Zákány, Hungary N46°14′ 59,2″ E16°57′ 15,3″
Observer: Bognár Tamás

Type: Walled plain

Little marked and damaged circular formation forming an interesting trio with Bonpland and Parry. Pretty steep slopes supporting Bonpland to the South
Parry to the South-East and the place of alunissage of Apollo 14 to the North.
Few high walls deformed to the South. gobbled to the East and supporting Fra Mauro D & X to the North. Very large flat floor more tormented to the West. Crossed by Rimae Parry. Craterlets whose Fra Mauro N & P to the North Fra Mauro E to the center and Fra Mauro F to the South.

Interest : Exceptional formation
Observation period: 1 day after First Quarter or Last Quarter
Minimal Instrument: 50 mm refractor

Longitude: 17.0° West
Latitude: 6.0° South
Quadrant: South-West
Area: South-East of Oceanus Procellarum region

This drawing is on the  ASOD web page :

Digital sketch made with GIMP, based on a raw pencil sketch.

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