Winter Milky Way, sketched in Alpine Mountains, Switzerland

Winter Milky Way, sketched with naked eye in Alpine Mountains, Suisse, near Ilanz February, 14th, 2018 Observer: Gabriele Houtermans, Ravensburg Right: Sirius, Canis Maior Left: Puppis, with several Open Clusters

IC 2118, Witch Head Nebula in Eridanus, with naked eye

                                  IC 2118, Witch Head Nebula in Eridanus Sketch with naked eye December 31th, 2016, 21.15-21.35h Location: Suisse, near Ilanz in Alpine Mountains Observer: Dr. Johannes Schilling, Baindt, Germany

Planets Venus, Mars Jupiter & Moon Conjunction

  Subject : Planets Venus, Mars Jupiter & Moon Classification: Conjunction Date/time: 2015. 11.09. UT 04:05 Equipment: – Eyepieces/Mag. : – Seeing : – Transparency: – Humidity: low Wind: – Temperature: – Observing Loc. : Zákány, Hungary N46°14′ 59,2” E16°57′ 15,3” Observer : Bognár Tamás