Winter Milky Way, sketched in Alpine Mountains, Switzerland

Winter Milky Way, sketched with naked eye in Alpine Mountains, Suisse, near Ilanz February, 14th, 2018 Observer: Dr. Johannes Schilling, Baindt Right: Sirius, Canis Maior Left: Puppis, with several Open Clusters, M46, M47  

Milky Way in Sagittarius, naked eye sketch

Milky Way in Sagittarius Sketch with naked eye July 31th 2013, 22.30-23.45 MESZ Location: Swabian Mountains Germany, 48,56  latitude Special objects from left to right: Meteor, Nunki (star in Sag), M 22, M24, Kaus Borealis (star), Kaus Australis (star), Great Sagittarius Cloud, M 20, M 8, M 7 Sketch was …