Messier 51, Canes Venatici – Dr. Johannes Schilling

Messer 51, Canes Venatici Two different observations and sketches: Right: April 6th, 2018, left: April 7th, 2018 254mm Newton, 126X Baindt, near Lake of Constance, Germany, Observer: Gabriele Houtermans

Messier 51 in Canes Venatici, Whirlpool Galaxy

Messier 51 in Canes Venatici, 28 Millions LY distance. Observed and sketched with 406mm Newton, 77X and 218X  (of course with no assistance of any foto). Total time for observing: 5h 30min on several nights with very transparent and dark skies in spring 2014. Observer: Dr. Johannes Schilling, Lonsee, Swabian …