Jansen and Metius

Jansen and Metius

Jansen and Metius - 2009.02.27. - Bognár Tamás - Zákány
Jansen and Metius – 2009.02.27. – Bognár Tamás – Zákány

Also known as: Jansen and Metius
Date/time: 2009.02.27
Equipment: 76/900 Newtonian
Magnification and filter(s): 118x
Seeing: 7/10 Transparency: 3/5
Humidity: low
Wind: none
Location: Zákány, Hungary N46°14′ 59,2″ E16°57′ 15,3″
Observer: Bognár Tamás

Type: Crater

Isolated circular formation almost ghost. Few steep slopes supporting to the South-East a line of important crest oriented South-East North-West. Few high walls almost gobbled to the South. Floor filled by the lava supporting the craterlet Jansen LA to the South.

Interest : Pretty interesting formation
Observation period: 5 days after New Moon or 4 days after Full Moon
Minimal Instrument: 50 mm refractor

Longitude: 28.7° East
Latitude: 13.5° North
Quadrant: North-East
Area: Central part of Mare Tranquillitatis

Digital sketch made with GIMP , based on a raw pencil sketch.
This drawing is on the  ASOD web page : http://www.asod.info/?p=1973